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Welcome to No Drain No Gain, a blog about how you can keep your drainage systems in proper working order. This might seem incredibly niche as a topic for a blog, but as someone who has suffered severe damage to my home twice in the last five years, the information that will be discussed in this website is of the utmost importance!
If you have any specific questions you can contact me at any time, and I will do my best to help, or cover the topic on the website!

My Story

Around five years ago the water in my sinks and bath started to drain away more slowly. I didn’t understand what the problem was and tried unclogging the drain through various methods such as plunging, but the situation didn’t improve.

One day, after coming home from a weekend away, my garden was entirely sodden and flooded leading to expensive landscaping and weeks of work. The situation was horrible, and for the entire Summer, I was stuck in my house listening to noisy and disruptive workers outside, all because of a blocked drain.

Around a year ago after moving house, damp began to appear on the ground and walls. I knew there was a leak in the roof and thought it might be related to that. However, the damp continued to spread even when it was dry outside.

As it turns out, part of my drain had actually collapsed, and the water had been routed to inside my home instead! The widespread flooding and water damage was incredible, and it took a fortnight of dehumidifiers before the month-long renovation could begin.

From this moment I vowed to maintain my drains (or indeed, have them maintained by professionals when required), from that point onwards. I’m here to give this information to you, too, so you can avoid what I went through!

Avoid Expensive Professionals

There are some drainage problems which don’t require a professional. For example, a blocked sink often won’t need a full team of experts and all their complicated equipment. It will usually just take some effort, a little time, and the right technique from you!

By fixing your own water appliances when the problem is simple, you can avoid costly callout fees. After all, although the plumber might only take five or ten minutes to actually rectify the problem, they have to account for the amount of time it took to get there in the first place.

Additionally, by taking the problem yourself, you can save yourself some time. A decent plumber will likely be busy and will take some time to even respond to you. Having a toilet or shower out of order for any length of time can be a real problem, especially when it is the only one on the property.

When armed with the right information and equipment you can have everything back running in perfect order quicker than the time would take the tradesperson to arrive in the first place, saving you time and money while avoiding unnecessary disruption!

Recognise Critical Issues

Sometimes, especially when it comes to things as critical as a drainage system, there are jobs which should be left to the professionals. After all, the repairs will require knowledge which requires thorough training in conjunction with very specialised equipment.

There are a few signs that your pipes might be in a state of disrepair that is beyond your capabilities. Recognising this early and calling in professionals to fix the problem can save you a lot of money and a massive headache in the future.

By allowing the problem to progress until the issue announces itself, you can end up having to deal with expensive repairs and renovation rather than everyday affordable maintenance. It is much better to have a potential collapse recognised and dealt with before it manifests fully, for example.

This blog will cover how to spot a few of the problems that will require expert support and can give you some information on the techniques and processes they might do to fix it.

By being armed with this information, you can make a more informed decision when dealing with drainage technicians. For example, you should be in a better position to spot cowboys who are trying to cut corners or carry out work surplus to requirement for profit.

The second time I had a drainage issue, I had a wonderful experience with Clark Drainage. They kept me in the loop of what was happening throughout the entire process and had the technology to get the job done quickly!

Consider a Replacement

Something I have learned is that period metal drainage systems are just a ticking time bomb. It is unrealistic to think that a century-old system which is prone to corrosion and rust is going to keep working indefinitely.

If you find that problems are popping up repeatedly and you are continually dealing with leaks and cracks, consider getting the whole system replaced. It isn’t cheap and is simply unaffordable for many people, but if you are in a position to have it carried out it is absolutely something to consider.

Having problems repaired and maintained as they pop up is expensive in its own right, and it is only a matter of time before one of them leads to widespread flooding and, perhaps, the need for a replacement system anyway!
It is better to go willingly than to be forced!

Good Luck!

Drains are something that we take for granted – until something goes wrong! I wish you all the best in looking after your pipes and hope that you don’t experience the flooding I went through!

Remember that it is impossible to completely guarantee that no critical issues will ever arise regardless of how diligent and proactive you are.
Additionally, clogs can happen at any time in the day or night, from a regular weekday to Christmas day. Make sure you have a reliable company on hand which you can rely on for an emergency repair all-year-round!

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